Get a copy of Silky Way Magazine Issue 3

You can get a copy of Silky Way Magazine Issue 3 'What is Warsaw' through our online shop. Just simply CLICK HERE.

Silky Way's latest issue is also currently stocked at Magalleria in Bath, UK. More stockists coming soon. 

As we've been really busy with our 3rd printed issue preparations in the past few months, we didn't have a chance to update the blog much but don't you worry! The regular updates on the blog content will be coming back at the end of JULY 2019 with more behind the scenes posts and other travel experiences. Stay tuned!

Once again we (that is me & Silky Way!) would like to thank everyone for their support. None of that would have ever been possible without the amazing feedback we've been receiving for the past 3 years of our journey. With 3 officially released issued under our belt we are now, more than ever, eager to explore and spread the positive messages of understanding and acceptance of each other's cultures. Learning through the experiences of traveling is what we are passionate about and we will always try our best to encourage immersing oneself in the differences of other cultures and customs. Stay safe and happy travels!


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