Hello everyone, it's super nice to meet you! I'm Zuzanna - part Polish, part Egyptian multilingual and well travelled designer. Adventurous and always smiling lover of unconventional (some may call it 'inconvenient') life choices. Obsessed with magazines, books and everything print, I founded Silky Way Magazine in 2017.

Silky Way Magazine

It's a project I have started in 2017 out of love and passion for traveling and print design. Silky Way is a new magazine which allows the reader to understand the vibe of the place and encourages to experience it to the most. It aims to appeal to those who are interested in something more than just sightseeing. More info about the magazine available HERE.

I have always wanted to summarise and share my travel experiences with a wider audience and as a big fan of magazines, creating one on my own has always been my dream (now achieved!). With the release of the 2nd issue in April 2018 and the amazing feedback I have been receiving since, Silky Way's development has slowly started to outgrow the annual nature of its release. And this is how the idea for Beyond Silky Way was born.

Beyond Silky Way

Beyond Silky Way is a creative journal where I am sharing my thoughts on traveling and what it has taught me about our society & the current state of things. Reflections that can be found here are an extention to the content of Silky Way Magazine, hence the name BEYOND. It's also a space where you'll be able to find some cheeky 'behind the scenes' material of Silky Way's journey to become an internationally recognised title.


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